16/02000/OUT Elms Park North West Cheltenham Off Tewkesbury Road Uckington

Planning Applications Uploaded on June 30, 2022
Outline application for up to 4115 new homes providing a range and choice of mix and tenure, including affordable housing (C3) and elderly persons accommodation (C2 up to 200 rooms), 24 ha of employment generating uses including 10 ha B1 business park (up to 40,000 sqm), a hotel (C1 up to 100 rooms), and mixed use centres providing retail uses and community facilities (A1 – A5 up to 6,150 sqm, D1/D2 up to 1,000 sqm), a transport hub and public transport inter change, primary and secondary school education (D2), new areas of green infrastructure including areas of play sports hub, woodland planting, allotments and habitat at creation, creation of new means of access onto Tewkesbury Road and Manor Road, new footways and cycleways, and drainage infrastructure.