Tewkesbury Borough Council announces interim Housing Position Statement

An interim Housing Position Statement was given the green light at Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Full Council meeting on Tuesday, 21 November, a document which sets out how the council will address its housing supply shortfall by supporting sustainable housing schemes.

Government rules require councils to ensure they maintain five years’ worth of housing land at any point in time. A recent planning appeal decision by the Planning Inspectorate confirmed that Tewkesbury Borough Council cannot currently demonstrate a five-year housing land supply.

In cases where there is a shortage of available housing land, the government requires that new planning permissions are granted to developers for certain housing proposals – even if this would involve sites not previously earmarked by the council for development in its local plan.

By introducing an interim Housing Position Statement, the council is proactively setting out its approach to decision-making in light of its current position and reinforces the continued importance of existing local plan policies on issues such as highway safety, design, access to services and environmental protection.

It also sets out other actions that the council and others can take, such as making sure development proposals can be processed efficiently and encouraging developers to engage with parish councils before submitting applications.

Councillor Mary Jordan, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Lead Member for Built Environment, said “The Housing Position Statement is a vital part of our commitment to responsible and well-planned growth in Tewkesbury Borough.

“The statement not only outlines the types of locations and housing schemes which are most likely to help redress this shortfall, but also provides a comprehensive overview of our approach to residential development.

“By approving the new statement, we aim to encourage effective engagement with all stakeholders, creating a more cohesive and collaborative approach to housing development.”

To read the Housing Position Statement, visit Other planning policy documents and information – Tewkesbury Borough Council